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Great Result,Great Product

Most amazingproduct I have ever tried. It does what it promises. Incredible results evenafter 3 weeks, feet remain soft after use.Put it on for the 1.5 hours that it says, then in 4 days you start seeing thepeeling. I thought it was an exaggeration, but it was as they mentioned.Incredible product highly recommend.

- Patricia A

Great way to pamper yourself!

The foot peel works great and I love the face masks! I have sensitive skin and have had issues with other face mask products in the past and didn't have any issues with the Kocostar masks. It's a good gift set too.

- Smart Cupcake

Prefer this to competitors

Absolutely love this foot peel. I tried the Baby Foot brand and didn't find it as effective as this one (plus this one was less expensive). Works great!

- J. A. Joseph Amazon Customer

So much Yes!

Have beenusing these foot masks for at least 6 years. Love them!!! I have sensitive skinand I swear I’m allergic to practically everything. This doesn’t irritate myskin at all and it works like a charm every time. Has been better and lastslonger per use than when I was able to get my feet shaved at with a pedicure...

- Holly E

Worth the price

Gave this to my sister as a gift since she gets chapped lips a lot. Little bit pricey but result is good. Her chapped lips got better after 2 uses.

- Rachel.M

Your feet will peel for weeks!

I love this foot peel. The only criticism is that nowhere did it ever say just how much your feet would peel. You will be experiencing skin coming off for weeks. It starts a couple days after the foot mask and will peel completely in about 2 weeks. Plan ahead when using this.

- Ivka A Amazon Customer

Silky, Soft Feet

I bought this foot therapy product several weeks ago and based on the reviews, I felt that this product was worth a shot at my very tired, calloused feet. I've spent more money on "callous removers" & up charges at salons for pedicure treatments to get rid of my calloused heels. These other treatments would give me some relief for the day or so but nothing longer until I tried Kocostar. I will not lie that my heels were quite bad and the "skin peeling" on my feet was quite a bit the first time I used the product. I've since used the product 2x in the past month. The outcome though has been incredible! My feet are the smoothest they've been in years!!!

- Desert Rose

Snake feet! :)

These really are as great as the great reviews say. Wanna be a snake for a week and loose all the dead, hard skin on your feet?? Then buy these. These are wonderful! Albeit, disgusting... but VERY effective!

- JulesJ0812 Amazon Customer

Love these!

I love all the Kocostar therapy products but my favorites are the hair therapy, my hair has never felt so soft, and the foot therapy, which removes dead skin. Like a home spa day!

- Melanie T Armstrong

Absolutely Fantastic! Does Exactly What It Says!

My mom and I did the treatements on the same day, followed the directions to the letter... Our feet did not start peeling until day 5. When the peeling started, we could both see pretty fantastic results! My feet were very rough (especially my heels and at the ends of my toes) due to living in FL and wearing sandals year round.... Kocostar did the trick! Feet are sooo much softer after only one treatment and I can’t wait to do another treatment in 3-4 weeks. This product is going to pay for itself as I will no longer need to pay for the top end pedicure to get the extra ‘cheese grater’ treatment on my feet... Thank you, Costco, for carrying this product! It is so awesome!!! Please keep it in stock! Re-ordering right now!!

- Angiet2

Excellent Foot Peel

I have tried several foot peels and this one is the best and most effective.

If you’re doing this for peel to prepare for a special event - open toe shoes or barefoot, do this at least two weeks before your event. The peeling doesn’t start for approximately six to seven days.

- Cathy W. Amazon Customer

Amazing Product!

This is an amazing product. The directions are not as clear as they could be but the product is 10 star. It works best if you soak your feet and scrub them good before you put the booties on. If you need to walk around, put slippers on after you put the booties on as it is hard to walk with them on. 90 minutes later and after about 4 or 5 days your feet will literally shed like a snake. Baby soft feet. I have used for years and the price at Costco is crazy. They are $10 for 1 at every other dealer. Thank you Costco for bringing these back! Have been waiting to see these again for the past few months. Going to order 2 in case they disappear for awhile.

- Skylar0729

Plan for two weeks of peeling, then fantastic feet

Using these was pretty simple- slip on, use the little tapes on the side to seal them up, then relax for a while, as they are too slippery to walk on. They didn't leak, but made my feet feel ice cold during the treatment, so I needed an extra blanket over them. After I removed the booties and rinsed my feet, my skin looked unusually shiny, but no other difference. After 8-9 days my skin started to peel, first a bit flaky like the recovey from a bad sunburn, then major, very unsightly peeling which lasted for several more days. Socks needed at all times. There is no way after using this product that I could have worn any shoe that exposed any part of my foot- they looked awful and were shedding. Now, about 2 1/2 weeeks later, my feet look and feel great and baby soft, and the thickened areas around my heels are gone (best they have looked in many years)
I can't say I look forward to doing this again, but I have 5 left so will give a couple away and then use it again in mid winter and in spring before it warms up. I recommend this, but only if you can go a couple of weeks with socks and closed shoes, so plan accordingly- use at least 3 weeks ahead of any event that requires dressy shoes.

- SunnysouthFlorida

Foot Therapy

First time user of any foot peel. Well worth the cost. Saw results in 7 days. Shared them with family members so we could All benefit from softer feet. Good distraction from COVID housebound boredom.

- Sherrilynn16101

No title

This product is truly amazing just received yesterday and used it and felt the exact results and feelings as described. Extremely therapeutic for the legs feet and skin. Re ordering it right away!!!

- Chicca

Relaxing and moisturizing

Works great. Very moisturizing. It’s nice to sit back and relax with them on my legs.

- Hibby
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