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5 finger nail pack



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KOCOSTAR 5 Finger Nail Pack 4g


KOCOSTAR’s 5 Finger Nail Pack comes in a thimble-like shape that prevents contact with the air as you wear them. This thimble-shaped nail pack contains ingredients that are helpful with cuticle care and care for dead skin cells due to damaged nails and roots. The special fabric also allows you to use your smartphones, computers, read books and do other tasks in your daily life. 

KOCOSTAR Ingredients lists


2 packs/ 10 pieces total


  1. 5 Finger Nail Pack has 5 pieces that are connected and can be fitted to each finger size.
  2. Detach each piece and put on appropriate fingers.
  3. When wearing the nail pack, gently tap on and around the nail to absorb the essence evenly.
  4. Leave on for about 20-30 minutes.
  5. Remove the pack after 20-30 minutes and apply the remaining essence on and around the nails.

*Can be used longer due to enough essence*

※Excessive nail arts due to manicure, gel nail and washing dishes with usual detergent will naturally care the skin around the nails and rough nails that are dry, damaged and easily broken.

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