Acquire Healthy and Flawless Skin with Kocostar Face Masks

Acquire Healthy and Flawless Skin with Kocostar Face Masks

Excessive work stress, night working schedules, junk foods, oily food stuffs, unhealthy life style with no work outs, result in dull and lifeless skin. It feels like your skin has started showing signs of aging However, it is only because of deprivation of essential nourishment of skin, depleting moisture content of skin which often calls for pimple break outs, dark circles, skin patches, rough and dry skin.

Kocostar Skin masks are exclusively designed to rejuvenate your skin from within with best herbal contents and plant oil extracts.

Kocostar Camellia Happy Mask

The finest grade of benitz tsubaki or red camellia seed oil is known to be found in Japan. It is extracted in the purest form and it is exclusively known for best soothing and moisturizing effects. Camellia Happy Mask offers a perfect blend of red camellia seed oil extracts, camellia flower extracts and numerous herbal and plant oils to offer soothing skin. It is known to offer revitalized skin, by boosting the moisture content of the skin. It eliminates skin dullness and revives the skin cells with essential nourishment.

Bird’s Nest Silk Fiber Mask

This mask again rejuvenates the skin by reviving the natural vitality of the skin. It enhances skin moisture, helping you to regain the pulpiness of skin, softness and smoothness. This mask is extraordinarily thin yet exclusively moisture filled and you can readily feel the strong moisturizing effect after application, even though you will hardly feel the mask owing to its light weight. The mask is made out of eco friendly fibre with 95% of the fibre extracted from eucalyptus tree and silk protein fibre of silkworm cocoon.

  • Completely safe for skin and does not irritate the skin.
  • Offers extensive miniaturization, soothing sensation and softness.
  • The transparent mask with exclusive adhesive helps you to spot even minor spots and blemishes under the mask.
  • Rich in sea bird saliva extracted sialic acid, Vitamin E and collagen and protein, the mask content offers therapeutic treatment to skin revitalizing even exhausted skin with lost moisture content and essential nourishment.
  • This product is safe and secure even for those with sensitive skin, owing to its complete herbal ingredients.

Moreover, with the face masks of Kocostar you can sense the moist content even after days, while other masks tend to become like dry paper. You can also treat with spots and skin patches with the classic face spot mirror patch mask from Kocostar, which helps to you to acquire flawless skin.

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