Leg Mask | Leg Relax Therapy

Leg Mask | Leg Relax Therapy

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Leg Relax Therapy

(Clinical Study)

An intense, soothing treatment of botanicals and menthol to relax stressed legs muscles and feet while softening and smoothing the skin’s surface for glamorous and silky legs.

Looking for a way to deal with sore feet and swollen legs?

Give your feet and legs a break with our Leg Relax Therapy, which instantly soothes and cools down overworked muscles. Its special formula with a wide range of nutrients also hydrates and nourishes your skin, turning your legs sleek and glamorous.

Relaxes leg muscles and sore feet, gently exfoliates, hydrates & soothes the skin, relieves foot odor, and design patent for efficient leg therapy. Pamper Your Leg skin with Therapy for Legs!

Give your legs a fantastic treat with our refreshing leg mask, the best therapy for legs. Designed to provide deep hydration, it's the best way to hydrate legs, offering a soothing leg therapy experience. Say goodbye to tired, achy muscles as you embrace the therapeutic benefits of leg relax therapy. Treat your legs to the care they deserve with Kocostar USA.

How To Use Leg Mask

Clean your feet and legs with warm water and towel dry. Tear the seal along the dotted line and slide each of your legs into the boot. Secure with adhesive tabs and leave on for 30 minutes or less as desired. Massage your legs occasionally. Remove the leg mask and gently tap in any remaining essence. No need to rinse.