T1 Collegaen Cream Mask


I bought these as my mom was looking for hydrating masks for wrinkles. After using it for a couple of days, it was noticed that her wrinkles were smoothing out and softening. Her face tone overall got softer and more elastic. I'd recommend these as I saw them happening next to her.

Sid L.

Love the ease and feel of this product. Highly

Brushless in PA

I originally bought this product on a special promotion and so sorry I did not buy more then. Was great over winter and just recently used my last one after a micropen treatment. Great results. I put it on when I am working around the house, I have even done it at work. I like how it wraps under your chin and high on the sides of your face. I am 60. Will post a before and after when I use again. If you are up and about it does accumulate a little under chin and I either just scoop it and put on my forehead or rub into my neck and chest. The fact I am buying more is a testament to the mask. The best thing for skin is retention of moisture, This definitely packs it wit moisture.

M. Reed

A friend recommended me this product and I gotta say I'm sure glad I bought this. I usually like to make my own face masks with greek yogurt and honey because I am not a fan of putting artificial ingredients into my face but this face mask is quite different from the few others I've tried so far. I'm a college student with a very stressful coursework and I've not been taking care of my skin when finals week started approaching. My skin got so bad that I started worrying about premature damage and aging in my skin. After using Lisse Real Hydrogen Rejuvenate Facial Mask for a week, my skin started looking healthier again and it does a great job of retaining moisture in my skin all day. It's very easy to use and once you wash the face mask off your face your skin will feel very bouncy and smooth. I'll definitely be making another purchase in the near future.

Amazon Customer

Nice silky smooth moisturizer with a very slight cooling effect which doesn't last long. No noticeable smell which is a good thing. It takes awhile to absorb into the skin but when it does, the skin feels nice and smooth and tighter. I will definitely be using this all year round and especially in the Winter months. Highly recommended.

Kathy Evans

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