Ultimate Home Hair Care Packs for Dull and Damaged Hair from Kocostar

Ultimate Home Hair Care Packs for Dull and Damaged Hair from Kocostar

Modern day lifestyle often does not permit you to manage time out of busy schedules for personal hair care. At the same time, your hair undergoes a lot of stress. It is constantly exposed in the pollution, harmful rays of the sun, and also under various hair treatments like perming, straightening, etc. The result at the end of the day is that your hair loses all its shine, lustre, smoothness and even strength. You end up with essential hair problems like hair fall, frizzy hair, tangled hair, dull hair, split ends, etc.

Solution to Hair Problems

Kocostar understands the nutritional needs of your hair. It brings to you a wide range of hair packs which you can use at your own leisure time. While in your busy routine life it might be difficult to manage parlour sessions, or get a hair spa session, the hair pack range from Kocostar allows you to get the lost shine, smoothness and lustre of your hair with simple home care.

Why Kocostar

  • Affordable range of hair pack products eliminates heavy expenditures at salons and parlours for getting a single hair care treatment.
  • Easy to use and does not require you to sit at a single place with hair treatment. The pouch shaped hair pack allows you to engage in regular household works even while you apply the pack.
  • Offers complete nourishment to your hair and revitalizes it with essential nutrition and brings back the shine and smoothness.
  • It eliminates all the trouble of getting appointment from parlour, investing your precious time for parlour sessions and most importantly spending hard earned dollars for a single parlour treatment.

Use and Benefits

Kocostar home salon hair pack and long hair pack allows you to achieve salon like hair treatment at home. It is meant for dull and damaged hair. The Kocostar Ggongji Hair pack is the ultimate hair nourishing pack with 8 amino acids, soy protein, collagen and keratin which revitalizes hair and offers balanced moisture in hair up to 10 – 13 %. These packs come in pouch shaped bags. Once you shampoo your hair to remove all the dirt, you need to towel dry the hair and wear the pouch, which is adjustable, and air tight which eliminates air contact offering improved intensive care. These pouches are specially designed to offer hassle free application of pack and ensure that the pack materials does not leak. Remove the pouch and wash your hair to get smooth, shiny and lively hair.

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