Ggongji Hair Pack

KOCOSTAR Ggongji (ponytail) Hair Pack 8ml

Do you love changing your hair color? Do you love styling your hair every time you go out? Give your hair a break with KOCOSTAR’s Ggongji (ponytail) Hair Pack! Dyeing your hair frequently, blowdrying your hair, getting a perm, straigtening your hair, takes away important nutrients, which lead to rough, tangled, split ends. KOCOSTAR’s Ggongji (ponytail) Hair Pack gives the ends of your hair all the attention and care it needs to feel silky smooth and healthy.


KOCOSTAR’s Ggongji Hair Pack contains a pouch that contains all types of ingredients that nourishes, moisturizes, soothes, shines, and protects the ends of damaged hair. This pouch is made of waterproof fabric that prevents the essence from leaking and prevents contact with air allowing for more concentrated care.

KOCOSTAR Ingredients lists

5 characteristics that make KOCOSTAR’s Ggongji Hair Pack great

 1.Packed with the best ingredients for the best results.

KOCOSTAR’s Ggongji Hair Pack contains highly concentrated proteins such as soy, keratin, collagen, and 8 other complex amino acids. These components combine with the damaged cuticle layer to prevent future hair breakage and static electricity. It also helps to regulate the pH balance in hair by adjusting the moisture to a normal percentage of 10-13% in order to maintain a moist hair texture. The Hair pack also contains concentrated natto and silk ingredients, which provides concentrated care when wrapping the damaged cuticle with essence of a simple formulation like a photograph.

2.KOCOSTAR Ggongji Hair Pack contains a special rubber band that prevents any contact with air.

When wearing the pack, the special rubber band that comes with the pack, completely prevents any contact with air making it possible for more intensive care. The pack itself is shaped like a pocket making it messy-free and easy to use.

3.Simplicity at it’s best!

Unlike most hair packs that require a lot of procedures, KOCOSTAR’s Ggongji Hair Pack only requires two, putting it on and taking it off. You do not need to wash your hair after using the pack making it possible to use anywhere anytime. You can use this hair pack, not only at home but also in the office and also while exercising.

4.The more the better!     

30 minutes is the minimum time of using KOCOSTAR’s GGongji Hair Pack. If the duration time gets longer, the better it is for your hair. It is fine to use up to 6-7 hours during work and even while you sleep.

5.A very stylish hair pack!

Add a hairpin or a cute hair tie and no one will notice you are even wearing a pack! The beautiful patterns that are designed on the hair pack make it stylish and cute while treating your hair!


1 Hair Cap 


  1. Tie your hair in a ponytail. (Can be wet or dry hair)
  2. Flip the mask inside out.
  3. Grab the end of the ponytail with the pack and flip the pack using the other hand.
  4. Fix the pack with the rubber band provided to prevent the product from falling.
  5. Allow the essence to be fully absorbed evenly into the hair.
  6. Remove after 30 minutes. Let your hair dry or complete styling with your hands.

(People who have short hair and cannot tie your hair into a ponytail, use KOCOSTAR Home Salon Hair Pack)

There is also a 5 way gift box type of product that you can buy one at each time and buy it when you feel your hair damaged.


The severe split ends of the hair can be taken care by KOCOSTAR Ggongji Hair Pack. There is no other pack comfortable than this. You will know that end of your hair became very soft during your shower.