Camellia Happy Mask

KOCOSTAR Camellia Happy Mask 23ml

After one use, this will be your go-to mask! The camellia sheet mask will be different from all the other masks you have used before because it doesn’t get dry! You’ll be left with moist and happy skin.


In Japan, some of the largest corporations succeeded in using the finest grade benitz tsubaki (red camellia) seed oil made from Japanese camellia fabric. The essence of the camellia seed oil comes from the flower extract, which is combined with various herbal and natural extracts making the mask incomparable to others with its outstanding moisturizing and soothing effects. Japanese camellia sheets are thin and light but the essence is faded sufficiently creating a unique soft texture, similar to a protective film, on the skin. The fabric is so thin, when it is applied it is barely visible. 

The origin of the finest Japanese bentiz tsubaki (red camellia) oil is about 2 hours away from Tokyo by boat. The refining process of Japanese bentiz tsubaki (red camellia) contains 5 steps.

    1. Steam the red camellia
    2. Cooling process
    3. Extract by pressing
    4. Boil (for sterilization)
    5. Filtration with Japanese paper

KOCOSTAR Ingredients lists

What makes the Camellia Happy Masks different?

The Camellia Happy Masks are on a different level in terms of providing moisture for the skin. Compared to other mask sheets that go dry after use, the camellia happy masks stay moist right after use and even a few days later.

We have compared the KOCOSTAR Happy Camellia Mask with general nonwoven masks. After about 20 minutes, wearing each mask, the essence is the result of measuring the exhausted mask sheet outdoors under the same conditions.

General nonwoven fabric

Moisture content after about 1 day of exposure to outside air was unable to be measured

KOCOSTAR Happy Camellia Mask

1 day of exposure

35% (Moisture content)

3 days of exposure

32% (Moisture content)

Before use

20.2% (Moisture water content)

After use

42.9% (Moisture water content) 

(*Our own measurement results. Results may be different based on each condition of season, location, weather conditions, etc.)


  1. After cleansing the face, use toner to even out texture of skin
  2. Open the mask and fit the sheet to match the face shape
  3. Relax in a comfortable posture and remove after about 20-30 minutes
  4. The remaining essence on the face is patted gently and absorbed into the skin (No need to wash after use)


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