Hand Moisture Pack


You are not a complete beauty guru unless you take care of your hands. Most of the time people don’t realize how much work and hardships our hands go through everyday. We give our faces rewards once in a while with a face mask but what about our hands? KOCOSTAR’s hand moisture pack will give your hands all the attention and care they need.


KOCOSTAR’s beautifully designed floral hand gloves moisturize and calm your hands with amazing ingredients. The special waterproof fabric keeps the rich essence from leaving the gloves. The gloves also come with a special sticker that fixes the gloves on the wrist making it convenient to use. The gloves do not provide inconvenience from doing everyday things such as using your smartphone, computer, reading books, and exercising. The sticker also prevents the essence from having any contact with air leading to more effective results.

KOCOSTAR Ingredients lists

Before and after results from using KOCOSTAR’s Hand Moisture Pack 

Before use

18.0% (Moisture content)

After use

43.2% (Moisture content)


    1 pair of Hand Moisture Pack

    2 pieces total 

    There is also a 10-piece gift box product where you can buy it in a package so your family and loved ones can use it together!


    1. Wash your hand thoroughly and remove the provided hand pack from the pouch.
    2. Cut in the middle and put your hands in each glove
    3. Remove the adhesive ring sticker to fix on the wrist.
    4. After 20 minutes, remove the gloves and gently massage the excess serum into skin.

    Do not rinse, one time use


    KOCOSTAR’s Hand Moisture Pack is “love” for the family. The rough and dry hands of your mom and dad… this is an item that can convey a person’s thanks without any words.