Nail Art Starter

KOCOSTAR Nail Art Starter 15ml

Do you love doing your nails or getting them done? We have the perfect item for nail art lovers that will leave your nails and hands moisturized and nourished!


KOCOSTAR’s Nail Art Starter is a hand pack designed to easily cut off the hand pack with your fingertips. It is the perfect pack that can give care for your nails right before a new coat of nail polish as well as care for your hands as you do your nails.

KOCOSTAR Ingredients lists

It also protects your nails and hands during the whole process.

  • When hands are exposed to UV rays when using UV lamps
  • When removing gel nails
  • When doing self-gel nails

The pack comes with a special sticker, which fixes on the wrist making it convenient to move as well as preventing any contact with air or loss of essence.


1 pair of gloves/ 2 gloves total

There is also a 10-piece gift box product where you can buy it in a package so your family and loved ones can use it together!


  1. Wash your hands thoroughly before use.
  2. Put on the Nail Art Starter pack on each hand.
  3. Remove the sticker to wrap around the wrist and fix the adhesive sticker.
  4. The end of the fingertip part is cut out along the dotted line when needed.
  5. After you are done with doing your nails remove the pack and let the remaining essence absorb into your hands by massaging. 


You can do self-nail art while you are doing self care with KOCOSTAR’s Nail Art Starter, which kills two birds with one stone/ to get a little extra!