Foot Moisture Pack Yellow


Do you like wearing sandals, slippers, and open-toed shoes? Sometimes you look at your feet when you are out wearing sandals or at home before you go to sleep thinking I wish I had something to make my feet look and feel better. Now taking care of your feet is just as important as taking care of your face and hands. Don’t you want good looking feet that match with your super cute pedicure. KOCOSTAR’s Foot Moisture Pack will definitely give you the feet you’ve been wanting. Share the love with your feet so the next time you go out with your new heels your feet are looking gorgeous.


KOCOSTAR’s Foot Moisture Pack is designed to look like Korean traditional socks (Beosun style) with a cute floral pattern. Experience a little bit of Korean culture as you put these packs on your feet that are packed with moisturizing and calming ingredients for your feet. The special waterproof fabric keeps the essence from leaking out. The “socks” also have a special sticker that fixes the pack to your ankles so you can freely roam around with these on! The essence is also protected from any contact with air making the treatment much more effective in treating every dry and damaged foot area. 

KOCOSTAR Ingredients lists

Before and after results from using KOCOSTAR’s Foot Moisture Pack

Before use

24.4% (Moisture content)

After use

38.0% (Moisture content)


1 pair of Foot Moisture Pack

2 pieces total

There is also a 10-piece gift box product where you can buy it in a package so your family and loved ones can use it together!


  1. Wash your feet thoroughly and take the foot moisture pack from the pouch.
  2. Cut sheet separately from the center dotted line.
  3. Wear foot moisture pack on each foot and tighten with the adhesive sticker.
  4. Leave on for about 20 minutes to absorb serum before removing the pack.


KOCOSTAR Foot Moisture Mask with Transparent Pouch is “love” for the family. The rough and dry hands of your mom and dad… this is an item that can convey a person’s thanks without any words.