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8 Camellia Happy Mask 10 treatments in a bag

Camellia Happy Mask 23ml X 10

Good ingredients of moisturizing the dry skin

  1. Camellia extract
  2. Camellia oil
  3. Sodium Hyaluronate
  4. Ceramide 3
  5. Hydrogenated lecithin
  6. Glycerin

Good ingredients for soothing damaged skin

  1. Aloe vera leaf water
  2. Centella asiatica extract
  3. Portucalca extract
  4. Green tea extract
  5. Aloe vera leaf extract
  6. Ginkgo biloba extract

Refining process of Japanese benitz tsubaki (=red camellia)

  1. Steam the red camellia
  2. Cooling
  3. Extract by pressing
  4. Boil (for sterilization)
  5. Filtration with Japanese paper

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