8 Lip Moisture Lineup in a bag

Lip moisture mask (3 X 30 hydrogel masks)

Kiss your dry, chapped lips goodbye!

Make your lips soft and kissable with Kocostar’s Lip Mask, a hydrogel lip patch infused with botanical extracts and moisturizing agents.

  • Each Lip Mask contains 20 of one-time use gel patches.
  • Apply before putting on lip make up for super hydrated and slightly plump lips.
  • What makes Kocostar’s Lip Mask more special? It comes in three different colors: Pink Peach, Mint Grape, and Black Cherry. Enjoy different colors and flavors each day depending on your mood. You can also share them with your best friends - or with someone you love!
  • Hush! While using the Lip Mask, keep your mouth closed or you’ll burst into laughter!
  • You can alternatively try applying to nipples or nicks from shaving for soothing and moisture boost. It’ll look just like a kiss mark.
  • Cruelty Free