Family friendly

Meet the mask pack from those happy days of Mother’s mark cucumber massage

Let’s imagine that the whole family is at one table and eat their supper even though the supper has disappeared by modern people in daily life. Could there be an implied promise such as ‘No chatting at the table’. The scene of a quiet dining table with a disappeared voice. Breaking the silence, a short question is asked to start a conversation then the answer is shorter which makes the communication concluded. As soon as the meal is over, the whole family is all returning back to their space as if like they have something important to do immediately and the mother is looking behind their back and quietly cleans the table. A day ends with no trivial of sensation.

This scene is already cliché to modern Korean. I do not know how this happened but for sure we used to have a time of ‘a noisy family at supper table’. And anyone has one memory of this scene.

Late evening after light supper, family sits in front of the television broadcasting the soap opera. Mother brings the chopped cucumber slices on the dish and everyone lies down on the mother’s lap. After filling the mother’s face the leftover is for us. While mother is putting each slice on our face our chatty mouth becomes quiet and starts to look at mother’s face. If there is leftover again one cucumber slice goes into mother’s mouth and one goes into my mouth and such a scene flashing across where stories and laughter are encountered

Did not our human beings identify the intimacy and bond through the act of pulling each other’s hair and catching it long before the language was used. If you think it is unreasonable to explain the behavior of characteristics of primates such as monkeys to humans, imagine the warm and comfortable feeling of that when you felt from your mother such as tying your hair and cleaning your ear. The moment of when mother’s tip of the finger slightly brushes your skin may give psychological stability. ‘The whole family having Cucumber massage time’ became old talking so it’s sadder.

However recently, when we think about bringing the scene back to the house, I get a smile on the face. There is a praiseworthy item which can break the flow of the silence in the house. This is also a ‘Beauty Item’.

It seems like a real slice of fruit and vegetable which is something new with a design that catches your eyes in KOCOSTAR’s Slice Mask Sheet. It can say that all fruits and vegetables that can be expressed in sliced from are made into mask sheet form. Even by looking at this small sheet of freshness one by one, everything that is all good for the skin is in it.

It contains extracts of cucumbers, lemons, tomatoes, watermelons and pineapples, which are rich in vitamins and minerals, as well as minerals and moisture to help absorb moisture, reed extracts that are excellent for whitening and wrinkle-reducing effects, and buddleja and sunflower extracts with antioxidant effacement. Also, the sheet made from TENCEL fabric, which is an eco-friendly material extracted from eucalyptus wood which is smooth and soft and it does not irritate on the skin.

The innovative design of the KOCOSTAR Slice Mask Sheet is remarkable in the Mask Pack market, which seems to have already peaked in terms of efficacy. Why? It is because what we were forgetting about was the ‘Cucumber Massage Time’ and it is reminded. Of course that missed scene of our house can be called back very naturally.

Who wants to be beautiful and younger is not only a desire of women. Or is it only for young people’s thought? It is also new in these days of the philosophy of KOCOSTAR which reinterprets the universal desires that everyone has through communication with the family. It is also a brand that wants to convey the key word message of ‘family’ to the beauty industry that does not know the end and pursues ‘more new things’ only and expands. If you realize that all products from KOCOSTAR have been targeted to all family members, regardless gender, young and old, then your head will give a nod automatically.

We humans have to live like that. We have to live by facing each other and rub each other then we can live. We are forgetting for a while but we have a family who are close that can face each other and rub each other.

This evening today, let’s put a piece of KOCOSTAR Slice Mask Sheet on top of deep wrinkled face of parents right away. Oh, you might think of old times and eat a piece absently so Be Careful.