Aloe Slice Mask Sheet


Have you ever had that moment when you take out a mask sheet and as you unfold it, it ripped?   Isn’t it inconvenient and uncomfortable to adjust the mask to your eyes, nose and mouth?

KOCOSTAR’s Slice Mask Sheet has completely changed the concept of a mask pack sheet! Like a sticker, you can remove the mask sheet one by one and apply it on the body part you prefer such as the face, neck, collarbone, arms, legs, and other dry areas. 

KOCOSTAR’s Slice Mask Sheet uses eco-friendly material, TENCEL fabric, which is extracted from eucalyptus trees. It has excellent moisture, essence content, and absorbency. The structure of TENCEL fabric is smooth and soft, making it non-irritating and safe for people with sensitive skin to use.


KOCOSTAR’s Aloe Slice Mask Sheet contains 10,000ppm of aloe extract, which is rich in vitamin C. Not only does it moisturize, it also provides care for sensitive skin.

KOCOSTAR Ingredients lists


2 sheets of 6 patches

12 patches total


*Apply after removing makeup and cleansing the face.

  1. Remove the patches of the mask sheet one by one and attach it to preferred areas on the body.
  2. Peel off after 10-15 minutes.
  3. Tap the remaining essence lightly to absorb.

*Can be used before sleep or before applying makeup.

For all family

TOP AWARDS ASIA, awarded by world-class designer judges for outstanding designs and packages in Asia, selected the KOCOSTAR Slice Mask Sheet in the theme of “Transparency” in January 2017. [MORE INFO]


You can video call while you’re wearing the Kocostar Slice Mask Sheet on your face!  Hope you enjoy it by sharing with family, friends, and lovers.

Usage Precautions