a.m. Sunday Happy Hydrogel Mask

a.m. Sunday Happy Hydrogel Mask

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a.m. Sunday Happy Hydrogel Mask (Pack of 5)

Product Info

※ Hydrogel sheet turns transparent over time (40 min).

a.m. Sunday Happy Hydrogel Mask immediately enhances firmness after first use. Experience supple and bouncy skin with KOCOSTAR’s premium collagen care!

※ Micro-perforated hydrogel sheet with 3,600 holes


Have a relaxing Sunday morning with a.m. Sunday Happy Hydrogel Mask

Enjoy a peaceful and refreshing moment.

Turn your skin healthy and glowing like

the Sunday morning light!



- MFDS (formerly known as KFDA) certified anti-wrinkle and brightening features

- Helps restore a healthy and glowing look

- Revitalizes dull and sagging skin

- Hydrates and balances the skin

- Improves skin elasticity

- Brightens the skin tone 


Patented: Micro-perforated hydrogel sheet

Patent Number: 10-187337

[Method for preparing micro-perforated hydrogel patch and hydrogel patch prepared thereby]


Feature 1. Anti-deformation

Hydrogel tends to slide off the backing paper and easily deforms when taken out of the package. Our patented hydrogel stays on the backing due to special manufacturing procedures and retains the shape until ready to use.


Feature 2. Breathable structure

Our patented sheet is thinner and lighter than ordinary hydrogels. Furthermore, it features micro-holes that allow the skin to breathe and add a comfortable feel.


Feature 3. Excellent adhesion

The sheet adheres to the skin tightly and stays put while being active due to its unique texture.


Feature 4. Plant-based ingredient

A close look at the sheet reveals fine, thread-like fiber. It shows that the hydrogel originates from a botanical source instead of synthetic material.


Feature 5. Effective Serum Delivery

The micro-holes filled with serum enter a vacuum state when in contact with the skin and boost the absorption of active ingredients, ultimately enhancing lifting and firming effects.


※ Micro-holes filled with serum

- Water-soluble hydrogel enriched with premium serum

- The hydrogel releases nutrients in response to body temperature

- The serum penetrates deeply into the skin to nourish, moisturize, soothe, and firm

- You can witness the absorption of active ingredients because the hydrogel becomes thin and transparent as it releases nutrients into the skin

- Micro-holes boost the delivery of active ingredients for extra lifting and moisturizing effects



Natural Polymer Hydrogel

Carrageenan (Agar)

A natural ingredient that hydrates the skin and enhances its moisture barrier.


Locust Bean

Revitalizes the skin with vitamins and calcium.


Xanthan Gum (Sugarcane)

Fermented sugar that works as a natural thickening agent and skin conditioner. Helps prevent dryness and sagging and protects the skin against harmful substances.



Natural Polymer Hydrogel

Hydrogel contains a large amount of water, with the water-to-solid ratio reaching tens of thousands of times. It provides instant and continuous hydration to the skin.

It’s manufactured with food-grade ingredients and is safe for anyone regardless of age or skin type.


The hydrogel becomes transparent as active ingredients enter the skin


Eye Zone Care

Low-molecular fish collagen penetrates deeply into the skin


Smile Line Improvement

Anti-wrinkle and brightening effects


※ Contains the maximum concentration of Niacinamide

Hydrogel with Marine Collagen (82% v/v)

Ordinary Hydrogel 

- Our hydrogel sheet contains pure marine collagen. It appears opaque at first but gradually becomes thin and transparent as the skin absorbs the collagen.

- Marine collagen is water-soluble collagen peptides derived from fish scales. It’s very similar to the collagen found in human skin.

- It helps improve wrinkles, promotes skin cell regeneration, and balances the skin for a natural glow.

1/1,600,000,000 of a pore size 

Contains 830,000 ppm of premium Norwegian marine collagen from Seagarden, a sustainable and clean manufacturer of fish-based ingredients with 16 years of tradition.

The collagen’s average molecular weight is 400Da, 25% smaller than that of our competitors. It reaches deep skin layers and brings forth noticeable results.


- FDA approved skin lightening agent. Inhibits melanosome transfer from melanocytes to keratinocytes to help maintain clean skin.

- It’s a form of vitamin B3 found in many foods such as yeast, meat, fish, milk, eggs, green vegetables, and beans.


- Moisturizing agent that turns into Pantothenic Acid (vitamin B5) when absorbed.

- It’s a component of Coenzyme A, which plays a vital role in the synthesis and oxidation of fatty acids.

- When applied to the skin, it helps regenerate skin tissue and maintain softness and elasticity.

Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate 

- An extract of licorice root widely used as a medicinal herb. It has anti-inflammatory and calming effects.

- It’s a Glycyrrhizic Acid derivative scientifically treated to improve stability and efficacy.

- It helps achieve clear and radiant skin.


- FDA-approved anti-wrinkle agent. It boosts the production of collagen proteins, improving the skin’s elasticity and reducing aging signs.

- It’s a natural component that helps cell growth in every living being.

Sodium Hyaluronate

- A natural moisturizing factor, also known as hyaluronic acid. It can attract moisture up to hundreds of times its weight. When applied, it hydrates and revitalizes the skin, activates skin cells, and promotes cell regeneration.

- Hydration: It attracts and binds moisture to the skin cells, reducing dryness and flaking for a healthier look.

- Cell-activation: It contains skin cell growth factors and helps repair damaged skin. 

Tocopheryl Acetate

- A stable form of vitamin E, a potent antioxidant that helps fight free radical damage.

- It promotes skin regeneration and helps reduce signs of aging. It also strengthens the skin’s protective barrier.

Elasticity / Absorbency Testing

Micro-perforated hydrogel sheet

- It has excellent elasticity and strength compared to ordinary hydrogels

- 3,600 holes attract and retain serum in great capacity. They also help the sheet to adhere tightly along the face contour

- You can witness the absorption of collagen peptides because the sheet gradually turns thin and transparent as it releases the nutrients into the skin.